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for any slimkirby fans out there, this is the forum for you!!
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 rules and regulations

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PostSubject: rules and regulations   Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:46 pm

By singing up to the slimkirby forums your are asked to obied and enforce the general rules and regulations of the forum, failure to comply will result in mild to severe disciplinary action.

1) Spamming one of the main rules of the forum is NOT TO SPAM!. Spamming, also know as trash talk, double/triple posting purposely, posting annoying memes like "bob" etc and you are asked to stay clear of spam, thank you.

2) Obsene images/p***ography Please do no attempt to use the site as a method of posting distasteful imagery, users caught will obtain an immediate IP ban.

3) flaming Don't attempt to hurt other members feelings by insulting of their race, nationality, or just to it for fun.

4) ROM hacking Disscussing ROMS or emulators is strictly forbidden and will not be accepted, remember providing ROM links is illegal and you can get in serious trouble by not only our staff, but internet authority's as well.

This is only a short amount of rules but please obied them and you could get awarded for good behavior! Remember, forum moderators can remove posts that violate the terms and ban you. Thank you for your time and enjoy slimkirby forums!
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rules and regulations
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